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Are you considering trading the customary scary costumes with something that makes other giggle, this Halloween? Who said that Halloween has to be necessarily spooky? It can be hilarious as well. If you happen to be the usual joker of the group, you can take your humour to new heights by pulling off funny and crazy costumes this Halloween. And when it comes to funny costumes, what can be a better idea than a funny snake charmer costume.

Welcome to SnakeCharmerCostume.Com where you will find snake charmer costumes that are nothing less than…charming!  And some of them are downright sinfully funny.  Warning, most snake charmer costume options on the market are not meant for the younger crowd but us an alliteration of words to make it appear that you have a “snake” of your own to charm!

Interestingly, snake charming is a centuries old hobby which was actually a street performer’s act.  The practice of snake charming as it exists in modern times has its roots in Ancient India, although Egypt was home to one of the first forms of charming the snake.  Snake charmers don’t actually charm the snake at all, they pretend to hypnotize or charm the snake, but it is actually just an act. Many purported snake charmers have practiced snake handling for years and can make it appear that they are doing something very dangerous when in all reality, they have done the same routine thousands of times on the street or other venues.  Regardless, you should never try snake charming at home, unless you have the proper training.  To “charm” a snake, the snake charmer plays an instrument, usually a flute or some other small wind instrument.

A true snake charmer costume typically features a loose, baggy pair of slacks, a half robe, and a long sleeve shirt that is topped off on the head by a turban.  The charmer would carry a small instrument with him, like the flute, and perhaps a basket with some fake snakes.

Some snake charmer costumes actually feature the snake protruding from the man’s pants, with its head being held up with a string that is attached to the flute.  There are other hilarious yet somewhat risqué adaptations to the snake charmer costume for you to consider, most of which are not suitable for children at all, but are best left for adult entertainment.

For a couple’s costume, with the man dressed in his snake charmer costume, the woman might choose to dress in a female snake charmer costume with sexy serpentine sandals that go all the way up to the knee.  A gypsy or other similar costume might be chosen for a couple’s costume when going with the snake charmer costume theme.

Wise men say that one should always carry a flagon full of whiskey in case of snakebite and besides, always carry a small snake too. This is something to be kept in mind when the relative merits of this guise are considered.

The snake charmer costume is best suited for men. With the addition of a green joke to this costume’s entertaining features, people at the party are sure to bounce off from their seating places once they get to see you in all new look of a snake charmer. There are a number of different versions of this costume available in the market. The typical snake charmer costume includes a shirt with attached vest & fake arm holding basket, an oversized turban, pants, belt, a flute and a snake to add to the snake charming effect.

While some manufacturers may include everything mentioned above in the costume set, yet with some others, you may have to buy some accessories separately to complete your snake charmer look.

Dressed up as a snake charmer and holding a snake and flute, you are surely going to confuse people for a character turning alive from the famous Arabian tales. They are surely going to be amazed by the magnificent Snake Charmer with his mystifying abilities to make snakes dance.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Getting the right accessories for your snake charmer costume is paramount to pulling off a successful ensemble. The snake charmer does one thing, basically. He (or she) charms snakes. Obviously a great and fitting accessory for this costume is any type of fake snakes, even large ones made of rubber and painted realistically. You  might also go for a wicker basket with a lid that is used to hold snakes, just like a real snake charmer. Last of all, you will need a simple flute, even a toy one will do, to use in playing the song that will charm the snakes from their basket.

Measuring for Your Costume

Make your “snake charming” activities a bit safer by wearing a comfortable and well fitting snake charmer costume. Be cool and comfortable by measuring yourself for your costume prior to purchase, and then comparing your measurements to the measurements for the size costume you are thinking of buying. If the two match up, you are good to go. If not, try a larger size or smaller size so that you are comfortable and ready to charm those creepy crawlers from their basket! You may also need to know your height and weight as well as your inseam, depending on the costume that you like most.

This Halloween choose an exotic outfit. The Snake Charmer costume is available for men and women and can truly make you stand apart. Being a snake charmer is the unique ability of having control over a very slithery reptile. Some nations actually revere the snake and the charmer can have a high standing. For women, the costume often involves a lot of flowing material and depends on an ample display of skin on which you can have temporary snake based tattoos put on. For men, the costume takes on an Egyptian look with harem pants and a shirt over which an open waistcoat is placed. A turban will complete the costume.

Dress up this Halloween in a Snake Charmer Costume

A sight that is rarely seen outside the Arabian tales or street markets of India is that of a Snake Charmer! The Snake Charmer can stupefy passers-by while he manoeuvres his black and long snake with elegance and grace by simply blowing a special kind of flute specifically designed to charm snakes. The Snake Charmers have such control over the snakes they carry that they dare to do what most of the men wouldn’t even think of in their wildest dreams – kiss their snake. This is something ladies need to be wary of! If this guy has potential to charm a snake, then he possibly can charm all the pretty ladies around too.

Funny costumes like the snake charmer costume break free the typical spooky image of Halloween and add an amusing touch to this season of witches and ghosts.

You can buy a snake charmer costume in many different styles. Though they are typically meant for men, you can also buy these costumes specifically designed for women.

You would have never thought that you would be able to charm one of the scariest reptiles on the planet one day – the snake. However, now you can accomplish that by dressing up in a snake charmer costume. You wouldn’t only charm snakes dressed in this costume, but you would charm anyone who looks at you.

A typical Snake Charmer costume set includes pants (with or without an attached snake), shirt with attached robe, turban, flute and a snake and snake basket. The costumes are available in men adult standard chest size (42 to 46).

Looks the part when you Impress your friends and the ladies in your new outfit.

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